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By using thermal imaging, Roof ScanIR, can detect the precise location of the leak. Infrared imaging is a proven method for identifying and defining moisture problems in your roof. This will enable you to develop a more sophisticated roof asset management program, make more informed decisions regarding roof budgets and will help you plan repairs.

By using Infrared Thermography, we find the trapped moisture and mark the wet areas on the roof with marking paint so that roof repairs can be made surgically - without the tremendous expense of replacing the entire roof.

Reasons to Schedule an Infrared Roof Scan 
  1. If you are buying a commercial building, part of the inspection process should include an Infrared Roof Scan. A visible inspection of the roof might not "see" any issues, resulting in an expensive repair later at your expense.
  2. If you have a roof leak on a new to mid-life flat roof and have been told that a new roof is needed, then call us first for your infrared roof inspection. We may be able to save you a substantial amount of money.
  3. If you are taking possession of a new building, it makes sense to preform an Infrared Roof Scan to insure the new roof was installed properly.
We then prepare a report that is accurate and clearly presented with digital and IR pictures that is easy to understand by the customer.That is our goal at Dynamic Roof ScanIR Inspections.

For more information on finding moisture in flat roofs go to www.roofscanIR.com

Dynamic Infrared Inspections has the experience, education, and the support from a National Organization, United Infrared, founded by Greg Stockton & Peter Hopkins.

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